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Canadian diploma requirements


Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) - Accepted Worldwide


Ontario Ministry of Education Criteria:


1) Student must complete 30 credits or more during a high school education. One credit is one course with few exceptions.


2) Minimum of 40 community hours. Discovery Academy has the option to provide the necessary volunteering position to complete 40 hours.


3) Completion of Ontario literacy test. We offer the Ontario literacy test every year.


Apply to ANY Collage or University WORLDWIDE with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma from Discovery Academy!


In 4 years of education the student must take the following 15 credits to meet the requirements for OSSD.



     Mandatory Grade 10 courses

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Canadian History


     Mandatory Grade 12 Courses

  • English

In addition, 1 course must be taken from each group of courses. Discovery Academy provides all these course.




Total of 18 compulsory credits


The last 12 credits student has to choose from wide variety of courses during his 4 years of education. The choices are made based on the interest and on the university/college program that the student will apply after completion of OSSD. Usually students start to choose some of the courses in grade 10.


To see our list of courses please click here.


Discovery Academy offers a thorough educational planning to future and current students. You choose your university/college program, submit your report card and we will create an educational plan that suits your needs.



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How to apply

Canadian Diploma Requirements


Admission Requirements

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Group 3

a Grade 11 or 12 Science credit

or a Technological Education credit

or a Computer Studies credit

or a Cooperative Education credit

or French as a second language



Group 1

an additional English Credit

or French as a second Language

or a third Language

or a Social Sciences and Humanities Credit

or a Canadian and World Studies Credit

or a Guidance and Career Education Credit

or a Cooperative Education Credit


Group 2

a Business Studies Credit

or a Credit in Health and physical Education

or a Credit in the Arts

or a Credit in Cooperative Education

or a French as a Second language


Mandatory Grade 9 courses

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Canadian Geography
  • Arts
  • Health and Physical education
  • French
  • Civics and careers studies


Mandatory Grade 11 Courses

  • English
  • Mathematics


At Discovery Academy, we prepare young people to make a head start on their future pursuits, and make a difference in the world we live in by giving them the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and achieve their full physical, creative, and academic potential.